Meet Nancy Ellen

A Flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It Just Blooms

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“I Love Floral Design, for me it’s more of a Passion than just being a Floral Designer. I am part of a Once in a Lifetime Celebration! The best way I know to describe my Philosophy is: ‘Meraki’ A Greek word often used to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself, (Your Soul, Creativity, or Love) in Your Work. When you Love doing, Something, Anything, so much that You Put Something of Yourself Into It. I’ve been a Floral Designer most of My Life…It’s not just ‘What I Do’…It’s ‘Who I Am’ It’s my Authentic Way of Life… Sharing Beauty with those who I have the Privilege to Work With …I am Blessed & Truly Grateful for My Gift.”

-Nancy Ellen Weiss

About Our Team

Nancy Ellen, a graduate of Rittner’s Floral Design School in Boston, is the owner and creative director of Nancy Ellen’s Garden LLC., located in historic Mystic. Nancy Ellen’s Garden was established in 1991 and has been recognized as a premier florist in the area ever since.

After 16 years as a traditional florist in Chester, Nancy Ellen and her husband Rich created a Special Occasion Floral Design Studio located in historic Mystic. They are now focused exclusively on Weddings, Corporate and other Special Events.

No longer bound by the ties of a retail operation….we are now able to prioritize You and Your Event! Nancy Ellen’s Artistic Vision paired with Rich’s Strategic Behind-the Scenes Work makes them an Unparalleled Duo.

Together, they lead their Floral Team to be Passionate about the Work they do and Execute each and every Event as if it is Their Own. Our Natural Garden Style is Lush and Romantic.

We work with the Freshest Flowers from the World All Over, transforming them into One-of-a Kind Designs. We are Experienced Floral Artists with Vast Expertise and Knowledge of Our Craft. It is Always Our Desire to provide the most Outstanding Designs and Execute the Installation Flawlessly.

We Pride ourselves on Truly Listening to Your Ideas and Inspirations. We’ve received feedback numerous times that “We Totally Nailed It”! We are Passionate about Our Work and Love What We Do …that seems to be the Key in the Success of Nancy Ellen’s Garden. We look forward to embarking on Your Beautiful Journey With You. We’ll give them something to talk about!